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  • Residential locksmith

  • Locked Out of your home in Moray, Aberdeen, Inverness or Surrounding Areas?

    If you are locked out your house, or have lost your house keys, then DC Securities are here to ensure you get back into your house as quickly as possible.

    24/7, 365 days of the year, we are here to ensure you get back into your house with no damage to your property and a replacement set of keys.

    • Please ensure you have proof of identity available after services are performed, something that will identify you as the owner of the house.


    Have you recently purchased a house, and are unsure if anyone else has a set of keys?

    After buying a new home, are you 100% certain that previous owners do not still have a set of keys for your home? As a safety precaution after purchasing new property, it’s a good idea to replace all the locks to ensure you are the only one with a set of keys.

    At DC Securities we’ll help you replace all locks quickly, and cost effectively – Giving you the peace of mind that you’re the only one with access to your home or business.


    Do the locks on your house make your insurance void?

    Few people realise this, yet each year many are caught out and left unable to make insurance claims on their house because their locks do not meet British Standard BS3621. If the locks on your home do not comply with this standard then your household insurance could be void, leaving any claim unsettled.

    • The locks on your home should be stamped with a BS3621 compliance mark. If you are unsure whether your locks are compliant or not, give us a call.


    Lock & Alarm Installation

    DC Securities are able to provide and install the latest locks and Alarm Systems into your home. With our products you can be ensured that only you will have access to the valuables you wish to protect, and your property will be virtually impregnable without an alarm sounding should someone try to break in.

    • We offer a variety of Home Security Solutions ranging from Alarm systems that notify the police of an intruder, to surveilance systems that will capture the identity of any intruders on your property. We offer a variety of systems at very affordable rates so please do not hesitate to give us a call with any enquiries you may have.
  • replacement house locks and keys and lock outs

    or if you have lost your house keys will will gain entry for you