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  • Commercial locksmith

  • Commercial Locksmith in Moray, Aberdeen, Inverness & Surrounding Areas

    DC Securities will keep your business safe & secure

    DC Securities are able to help you out with anything that has a lock or key. We can help your business with a variety of solutions, ranging from opening safes and filing cabinets, installing Alarm and Surveillance systems, and replacing and fitting your business with an entire new set of locks and keys.

    We can even fit your business with a commercial master key system, which will enable you to limit who has access to what within your premises.


    Does your business have too many keys?

    We can help you increase your business security, and reduce the amount of keys you need with a commercial master key system.

    • If you are concerned that you have too many keys, or that some of your keys have been copied, then it makes sense to make your business’s key system more manageable. Using a combination of Master Keys, Restricted Key Entry and Key Hierarchy Systems you can be safe in the knowledge that no-one will have access to things they shouldn’t within your premises.
    • A Master Key system also massively cuts down on the amount of keys you need, so no need to carry large bunches of keys around with you.
    • You can add additional levels of security with restricted profile keys, which cannot be duplicated without permission.
  • What is the difference between a standard and commercial locksmith you might be wondering, and the difference might seem fairly apparent, but our commercial locksmith in Chicago often has a much higher diversity of skills and capabilities.

    Our Locksmith specializes on locks installations, lock repairs, rekeying locks, lock changes,Lockouts high security locks and much more.
    Our commercial locksmith specializes in security systems, access control, exit devices, door closers, alarm systems, fingerprint locks, master key systems and lock change, rekeying locks, lock installations as well as our residential locksmith offer.

    We offer locksmith services to big corporations, offices, schools, stores, warehouses, residential properties, real estate agents, petrol stations, shopping centres and many more in the grampian area . Our commercial and residential locksmith may also work with automatic doors, safes or vaults and file cabinets and file storage.

    We can install your new safe, we can unlock in for you if you lost your code and provide you with a new one in some situations.

    Our commercial locksmith can be involved in advanced planning for colleges, universities buildings or even large apartment complexes. In order to make a good commercial locksmith work in a typical corporate environment, we have to plan and execute all secure building access.

    Our commercial locksmiths in Moray can install and maintain electronic security devices, adapt key systems and protocols, maintain databases of controls and approvals as well as maintain an accurate in the inventory of stock items need. Our commercial locksmiths are highly trained and have both organizational and electronic systems and low voltage expertise.

    It is important to know what kind of locksmith you need when considering the job you are hoping to accomplish. So feel free to call us anytime (07769674072)

    If you are a business owner in Aberdeenshire or Moray and need lock re-keying or lock installation to secure your building or office, get in touch with us.