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  • Looking for a locksmith in Morayshire?

    DC Securities are based in Morayshire and we also cater to the surrounding regions. If you are locked out your car in Morayshire, locked out your house in Morayshire, or need a Commercial Locksmith in Morayshire then we are able to help you with a variety of services.

    Please VISIT OUR HOME PAGE and select the service you need.


    Auto Locksmith Morayshire - Spare Car Keys - Replacement Car Keys - Lost Car Keys

    We are able to assist you roadside, meaning you don’t need to waste time and money getting your vehicle towed to a garage. If you have lost your car keys, we can cut you a new set so you can gain access to your vehicle again, with no damage done to the vehicle.

    We can also cut you a set of spare car keys and reprogram them for you.

    Please visit our AUTO LOCKSMITH section of the site for more details or give us a call on 07769 674 072 for assistance.


    Residential Locksmith Morayshire - Locked Out in Morayshire? - Lost House Keys in Morayshire?

    If you’re locked out of your house in Morayshire, then it can be a frightening experience….. but it needn’t be. Give us a call on 07769 674 072 and we’ll come straight to your door and assist you. We are able to gain access to your property and cut you a new set of keys, while doing no damage to your property.

    We are also able to replace all locks, cut spare & replacement keys, repair damaged keys and install Alarm & Surveillance systems.

    For more information, visit our RESIDENTIAL LOCKSMITH section of the site or give us a call on 07769 674 072


    Commercial Locksmith Morayshire - Alarm Systems Morayshire - Surveillance SystemsMorayshire

    DC Securities offer a variety of services for your business, including installing alarm systems, installing surveillance systems, and fitting your premises with a Commercial Master Key System. For more information and a free consultation please visit our COMMERCIAL LOCKSMITH section of the site, or alternatively call us on 07769 674 072

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